The ability to edit and view your book without full project compilation and to make correction right in web-browser make life much easier.

Book's content

When you view page, under the page's title you can see the "edit" link. Click and make corrections right here!

Press "edit TOC" in the upper top corner to edit book's structure. You can edit TOC file — add, change and delete pages and chapters. But the system doesn't clear the garbage, i.e. you should take care of files with text and images deletion by yourself.


There are two tools in bookshelf section: bookshelf edit and new book creation.

In book creation form there is only one mandatory field: keyword, the books ID on the bookshelf. Other fields match bookshelf options (Bookshelf) and book's options mentioned in book_data.yml.

If there are cover.png or cover.jpg file in the root folder of your book, then the image will be used as book's cover on the bookshelf.

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