Bulldoc is the system for documentation development written on PHP. It combines useful features, which other system provides in one unique feature set.

With BullDoc you can:

  • Organize your documentation as text files, which could be stored in SVN or CVS, and edited with your favorite text-editor
  • Write your doc in html format
  • View your documentation without compilation through web-browser, and make corrections using web-interface
  • Export your doc into static html site, single html file or compile CHM
  • Use GeSHI syntax highlighter or write your own processor
  • The system provides smart navigation menu
  • Use system either from browser with apache web-server or with command line with just php installed
  • Provide your documentation in static Html form or as CHM-file for download on your website

Advanced features

  • Form Book's structure with popular YML format
  • Place your pages to folders, according to the book's structure, no more messy all-chapters-in-one-directory
  • Automatic Index
  • Themes support
  • Distribute your documentation via pear-channel or svn

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