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Stable version: 1.01
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Bulldoc — is a tool for documentation building. This project was built with the following objectives in mind:

  1. Project documentation should be in plain text files, which would be placed under svn control
  2. It should be possible to build static html files with DocBook-like navigation menu to place them on the website, or to zip and offer them for download
  3. To export docs to CHM file
  4. It should be possible to highlight the code in your documentation
  5. No external XSLT processor or other tools should be used — just PHP 5.2+
  6. Index page should be built by using page's keywords
  7. Web-interface for just-in-place edit should be provided

There are two flawors of program usage. One can use it as web-application under Apache web-server or from the command line.

This software is released under free MIT license.

You can try this system out of the box by reading Quick start. Build your first book in several minutes.


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