System settings


System wide settings are located in / file. The options available are the following:

//system settings
  $CONFIG['language']='rus';  //interface language and encodings
//bulldoc's setings (optional)
  $CONFIG['bulldoc::bookshelf']='/home/me/docs/bookshelf.yml'; // path to the bookshelf
  $CONFIG['bulldoc::source']='/home/me/docs/source';  //path to te source
  $CONFIG['bulldoc::defaultTextProcessingClass']='docTemplateSet';  //text's parser

In the files inside lib/bulldoc/messages folder language files are contained.

Syntax's parser interface

class docTemplateSet
  protected $structureHolder; //ref to the TOC holder object
  protected $pathBuilder;     //page path's object
  protected $outputMode;      //output mode
  //parse method
  //$filename -- filepath
  //  'path'=>$path, //TOC's page's path
  //                 //i.e. layout/theme.html
  //  'structure'=>$structure  //TOC manipulation object
  //                           //One can obtain chapter's title
  //                           //this way:
  //                           //$structure->getSectionTitleByPath('layout/theme.html')
  //                           //this parameter is stored in $this->structureHolder
  //  )
  string public function parseFile($filename,$params);

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