Text syntax

Text and markup

Main file's content is in HTML format (You could use special processing class to use wiki- or any other markup). There are few special tags in bdc namespace (from bulldoc).

Images and media

You can place images on your text by putting image's file near the page's file and refer to it like following:

<img src='myimage.jpg'>

or you can place image to the folder, like that:

<img src='images/myimage.jpg'>

References to other chapters

It is possible to place link to other chapter with the following

<bdc:link page='content/text.html'/>

This will place chapter's title highlighted by the corresponding link. If the path is incorrect the system will throw exception and halt. Probably we will fix this in the future.

Syntax highlghiting

The GeSHi syntax highlighter is used by default. You can cpecify one of the supported languages by the tag <bdc:my_lang>. For instance php highlighting is applied like this:

... code here ...

The result will be:

class mediaItem
  private $fromPath;
  private $toPath;
  public function __construct($fileName,$sourceBasePath,$destBasePath)
  private function getRelativePath($fileName,$sourceBasePath)
    return $relativePath;

Keywords for the automatic Index

You can assign keywords to the page. This words and phrases will be used for atomatic Index and for CHM document's index.

Keywords are mentioned by the "keywords" tag:

<bdc:keywords data='installation, setting up' />

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